Monday, 16 August 2010

The Happy Haze

The last month has been insane. It's got to the point where I can't distinguish one night from another... and I love it. I haven't been out this much in ages! And it's lead to me getting closer to some friends and making new ones too  =)  I always have something to look forward to these days, which has helped somewhat distract me from the fact that Uni is well and truly over and I am missing some of the friends I lived with like HELL. Last month has been a good coping mechanism. I can feel just a hint of bitterness seeping into the happy haze now though as the fateful day when my best friends go to Uni creeps ever closer... that is not going to be an easy day, and the start of some very lonely ones for me. Those girls are like limbs to me  xD  There's another reason for the touch of melancholy recently too, but that's just standard guy troubles.
Anyway, hope everyone reading this is having an equally fun packed time at the moment!

Love Love! x x

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