Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Last Night...

...was pretty damn great  =)  It had it's down moments and had it's up moments but generally was pretty awesome! I love everyone who turned up, especially a certain 2 guys that showed and really livened up the evening (both in good and bad ways, but mostly good for me  =P ) Much alcohol was consumed but nothing got broken, no one was sick and only one drink got spilled which was by silly ol' me  =)  I did run after someone outside though and trip over my own foot - got the bruises to show for that one  =(  So anyway, morning giggles ensued as usual after a night of no sleep, along with an epic case of the munchies that lead to us girlies calling every take away place we could think of about 7 times each at 6:30am to ask if they deliver  =')  Roxi got hung up on "Well Callums an idiot.." which still makes me chuckle. Mc Donald's was the answer in the end. It was the answer for lunch too... man I'm having a fat day xD
Love to Charlottete, Bea, Roxi, Gina 'I dont give a fock about anything I'm just going to be oblivion', Becca, Dan and Rich  =)
I'm deffo doing something like that again soon! Now, off to make a more personal post to me secret blog  =)

Love Love x x