Thursday, 19 August 2010

Hey guys... Watch this!

So, another entertaining night under my belt =) On Tuesday, Charlottete and I stayed at the lovely if not slightly/incredibly insane Rich's house avec the almost as nutty Dan. We drank red wine, champagne and I had some premixed cocktails which Rich laced with what I later found out was Gin xD
Yummeh! Not. Many lols ensued =)The neighbour came round in a garish shirt shouting his mouth off about the noise and tbf the boys stood up to him (which I found really hot).I've noticed over the past week or so that they have a bit of a thing for getting nearly naked... which I'm not complaining about ;) it's actually pretty funny. Especially when coupled with a pink afro and a spartan cape =') We ate roadkill too =) Well, actually it was red jelly shaped like a rabbit but it failed so hard it looked like we'd just ran over it =) Some of it ended up in Charlottete's hair xD and I have no fucking idea why but I ended up with drink poured over my head by Rich too. Sticky. Sweet. Did I forget to mention Rich was carrying frozen meat around all night too? Oh yeah, it happened. Kid decided to spray flammable stuff on the fire and was then surprised when he lost all his arm hair in the blast =) Ruddy fool
So any way, we moved inside, set up a bed in the lounge and watched the first 5 minutes of a movie. The rest is history... ;)

Want a time machine. Want to do it all over again. Twas OSM =)

Love Love x x

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