Monday, 12 December 2011

Just a little update!

Well! Haven't I fallen off the face of the earth! To be honest, since falling in love and working full time I don't really have time to blog much any more, I'm just too busy! =P Pretty much the only reason I can now is because my lovely is away for a week doing the college part of his apprenticeship! I hope you guys have all been alright and are as excited about christmas as I am! Christmas time also means birthday time for me, and this year I got a pretty wicked present...

... a pair of freakin' chinchillas!!

These are not mine, but they look just like this:

This one looks like my ROSCO

This looks like my RUPERT

They may keep me awake ALL NIGHT but they're so cute and I love them! Anyways, christmas shopping to get on with now so must dash!

Love Love and Merry Christmas to all! x x


  1. Hi, I am organising Katie Dufty's hen party and have tried to contact you several times by phone and facebook. I am worried you have not received any of the messages regarding both her hen night and wedding. We REALLY need to know if you want to be involved or will have to count you out which we don't want to do. Katie wants you involved and will be very upset if you don't bother - she has already told us she misses you and is finding the fact you don't contact her at all hurtful. PLEASE could you contact me on here, through facebook (you will find several messages), or on 07976464622 as a matter of urgency!!!!!! Suzie

  2. Hey Suzie, only just got this! S'all good now though :) The hen night was a huge success and so was the wedding reception and I was there for both! :-D Hopefully you all have my right number now :) x