Thursday, 20 January 2011

Jack This Sound!

Hey guys and gals!

Long time, I know... =/

There have been a few new occurences in my life since I last posted, but the one I want to talk about most is my recent dabble in the realm of music. I am officially a Producer... of sorts. Basically, my lovely friend Jack is a DJ (look him up on Facebook - Jack Random) and is very clever when it comes to music software, so we decided to team up and remix a song together!
I chose the song - Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes - and the result was an interesting fusion of his old skool beats and my nasty dub tastes. Wicked. Check it out:

Not bad for a frist attempt, huh? To be honest though, Jack did most of it, I just sat there and whinged at him until he made it sound exactly how I wanted it to. Anyway, we've decided to do more stuff together in the future, so watch this space. More tracks to come soon!

Any remix requests? =P

Love Love x x


  1. OMG IT'S SOOO GOOD! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  2. OH MY GOSH! I just listened to that! Sooo sickk! You can produce/remix some of my music when I get down to writing it haha :) hope you're doing well anyway! :D

  3. That's awesome. Glad to hear from you (sort of). It's been soooooooo long.


  4. Thanks guys! Glad you liked it! Dubstep isn't everyone's cuppa tea usually :) xx