Thursday, 4 November 2010

A hard decision.

"I can't even find a place to start,

How do I choose between my head and heart?"

How annoyingly true. This has been the story of my life for the past 2 weeks. I've been spending a lot of time with 2 people recently, 2 people that I care a lot about. I was hoping that the more time I spent with them the easier it would be to decide which one I connect with more, but that hasn't happened. If anything it only made things harder. Eventually I decided that enough was enough and made a decision before anybody got in too deep and got too hurt.

Too late.

I hate upsetting people, it's killing me inside that I've hurt someone I really care about, and I'm just hoping that the damage done isn't beyond repair and that we can still be friends 'cause I really do love hanging out with him... I feel like such a bitch but it was never intentional. That saying about men being like buses is totally true,

On a positive note though, it is awesome having a boyfriend again though, and one as lovely as the one I have - it's been too long!

Now I just need to turn my attention to a certain amazing Charlottete Broadbent and get this girl hooked up with one of two very gorgeous guys that she's in to right now... Either one of them would be fucking lucky to have her and I hope they know that!

Seeing Gina and Anna for drunky firework times tomorrow - cant wait!

Love Love... to you all... really xx


  1. Any decision is the right one in my eyes Bee. As long as YOU'RE happy! I iz just a phonecall/text a way if ever.

    Got the night off work tomorrow...
    Part times. xxx

  2. oooh i want to hear more about this boyfriend. :D

    glad you're happy.


  3. cool. You've upset more people than you think