Monday, 11 October 2010

My life in 60 seconds.

Wow. Ok, been neglecting this quite a lot. Selling myself out by linking formspring answers to my blog and calling it a 'post'. Well here is a real post at last =)

So, a lot has changed in my life since I last blogged. To start with I have a job now. It's only part time at Just For Pets in Malvern, but I bloody love it =D Obviously the search for a full time job is ongoing, but I'm taking life slow for a little while and not rushing it...
Working there has brought me new friends and new crushes, which has done the world of good for my social life and my confidence. Seriously, they are a good looking bunch of lads that work there and I think I've landed on my feet getting a job there! =P I just hope that someone or two like me just as much... If not, it's no big deal though 'cause just having them as friends is all good with me =)

Speaking of friends, 2 very good ones, the best in fact, have gone away to Uni now and I miss them like I never could have imagined =( We call/text eachother quite a lot though which is good, means I'm never deprived of their comedy stylings for too long =) And as 2 friends left, 1 walked in through the open door. Charlotte Broadbent has been a god send over the few weeks, we've been getting eachother through the stress/sadness of friends going away to Uni and have actually become rather close ourselves =) Bitch is awesome and I loves her.

Hmm, this is already a pretty long one, so to avoid you falling asleep/giving up I'll give it a rest now =) Been to Jordan's tonight to watch a film so am pretty tired now, movies make me sleepy =)

Love you all!

Bitch is out x x

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