Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Ready, Set, GO!

This week sees the 3rd year anniversary of Tokio Hotel's one and only UK song release, Ready Set Go. In honour of this, THUKST are holding a fan action that encourages fans and non-fans alike to download the song in a nod to it's release on 27th August 2007. As part of THUKST I feel it's only right that I should get involved in this =)

Here's a video with info about the Fan Action that also uses the song in the background! (If you want a sneak preview before you download ;))

And here's some links to places you can download it from (averaging 69 or 79p, not much right?) =)

Ready, Set... DOWNLOAD! Dang, I love this band! That guitarrist is hot shit ;)

Love Love x x x

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