Saturday, 21 August 2010

Oh, baby you're hot!

One of the shots from Tom Kaulitz's new campaign with Reebok Trainers ;) I haven't posted a pic of the ridiculous hotness that is he for a while, so I figured it was about time =) Been neglecting the band a bit.

Drooling aside, today I went for a facial =) My skins been looking a bit shambolic recently, so I thought with the France/Germany trip (which I am so excited about!) and my sister's wedding coming up, it would be a good idea =) It was soooo relaxing, just want I needed! Not gonna lie though, almost had a nap on the table xD

Just a quick post really, I'm laughing at my Chameleon's lack of hunting skills and preparing to go off to Gina's in a minute so we can wallow in our boredom together.

Might be going to see James later too, wonder what that's gonna be like... =/

Love Love x x

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